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Great espresso depends on a hand-full of factors. This manual is designed to help you learn how to make coffee drinks that taste good. Discipline and some basic skills are required. Our goal is to help you learn the art and science of the barista... the coffee maker in Italy that oversees the espresso machine.

There are several basic rules:
  • Espresso should be served hot! It's important to keep the handles (also known as portafilters) in the groupheads at all times. The handle should never be left on the drip tray when not in use. You cannot make great tasting espresso with a cold handle.
  • Speed is of the essence. Do not prepare a shot and leave it in the handle without brewing the espresso. In just a few seconds the coffee will start to burn leaving the shot bitter with pale crema.
  • Double handles are designed to make TWO espressos. It's not meant to be used when only one espresso is required. To achieve the thick, brown crema necessary for great tasting espresso, two measures of ground coffee are required. You cannot make a single espresso in a double handle - always make two.

The 4 factors...

1. Freshness of the coffee

2. The grind

3. The machine

4. The hand of the barista

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