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Nearly all experts agree that Ethopia is where the coffee tree originated. Coffee is said to been discovered anywhere from 300 to 900 AD.


In Turkey, this "Turkish Delight" is introduced to its people.

Coffee is introduced to Venice.


The French begin to savor the flavor of coffee.


Vienna & England join the European bandwagon's love for coffee.


Coffee makes the journey from Europe to America


Coffee appears on American breakfast tables.


Italian World traveler Giovanni Francesco Gemellis Careri leaves from Naples to Egypt, Turkey & Persia and discovered coffee and make record of it in letters back to Italy.


Just a few years before the American Revolution, coffee was making its debut & becoming an acceptable replacement to the tea that King George started taxing. In protest to this high tax, there was The Boston Tea Party, and people started drinking more coffee.

Around the same time the Europeans attracted customers with hot drinks & books, games, & even musical performers. It was 1732 Johann Sebatian Bach who wrote "Coffee antata" calling it "The most precious of bliss's".

TODAY In the United States over 50% of all coffee is consumed at breakfast. An estimated over 50 countries grow excess of 8 billion pounds. 45 million cups are brewed everyday.

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