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Step One:
the correct handle for the drink you plan to make. Single handle for one - Double handle for two.
Step Two:
The taste of your coffee will be directly affected by the amount of coffee you dispense into the handle. Pull the dosing handle firmly until it comes to a complete stop - pause - continue to pull forward firmly and release the handle. The handle is spring loaded and will 'snap' back sharply - this snap ensures the full 7.5 grams drop into the handle.

Single handle:
One complete pull
No more - no less
Double handle:
Two complete pulls
No more - no less
Step Three:
Tamp the coffee.
Step Four:
Wipe the excess grounds from the rim of the portafilter and start the extraction of the coffee.

Remember: The correct extraction time is 25 seconds.

Less than 20 seconds the coffee will be thin, watery and sour from too little time spend in contact with the coffee.

More than 30 seconds the coffee will be burnt and bitter from too much time spent in contact with the coffee.


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