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Eases menstrual discomfort, strengthens digestive system & promotes sleep.
Pink Rose
Blood purifier, strengthens disgestive system & eases menstrual discomfort.
Promotes sleep, nerves calming & relieves muscle spasms.
Lemon Verbena
Relieves tension, strengthens digestive system & improves blood circulation.
Refreshing & cooling, strengthens digestive system & nerves calming.
Small Blue Mallow
Promotes clear voice, boots immune function & strengthens distive system.
Peach Baby
Helps boost the immune system, beneficial to eye, skin & circulatory system & acts as an antioxidant source.
Strawberry Heart
Lowers blood cholesterol, improves skin & excretory system, protects DNA from being damaged.
Juicy Jack
Strengthens liver & xirculatory system, acts as an antioxidant source, boost immune system & enhance vitality.
Cherry Darling
Protects DNA from being damaged, beneficial to eye, skin & circulatory system, acts as an antioxidant source.
Pineapple Honey
Beneficial to eye, skin & digestive system, act as an antioxidant source & helps boost the immune system.
Banana Delight
Strengthens stomach lining, smoothens digestive process & good for the heart & nervous system.
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