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Always with an eye for customers and their practical day-to-day needs, La San Marco presents 85 Roma, the electronic espresso coffee machine designed for busy cafés.

This new product is a variant of the famous 85 Series, one of the most solid and reliable La San Marco machines, as well as the most sold, of all time. Compared to the previous model, the 85 Roma variant only has two coffee distribution units and has simple and ready-to-use functions that make it a perfect work companion.

In terms of technical components, the machine has a new hot water diffuser, with a particularly uniform jet that can be managed and programmed for two different doses by using the two front buttons. On the same control panel, the pre-infusion settings can be adjusted (essential for guaranteeing quality espresso in the cup), the cleaning cycle can be started, and counters can be checked. This is on top of the programming and alarm functions already installed on the 85 Series. The tank water level is managed automatically, a lack of water is indicated by the buttons flashing.

From an aesthetic point of view, 85 Roma is clean and elegant, thanks to its small but essential features added by the R&D department of the Italian company. The two steam nozzles fitted come in two different lengths (short and long) and are actioned by the screw knobs on the front of the machine, giving it a distinct appearance.

  1. Series 85 E 2 group chassis (same finish and materials)
  2. 12 litre tank
  3. Internal Motor-pump for water filling
  4. Two buttons with four programmable coffee doses with start/stop button for group and programmable hot water button
  5. Hot water diffuser button activated from each panel with a total of two programmable doses
  6. Long and short steam nozzles with manual screw knob activation
  7. Automatic cleaning cycle
  8. Group height raised (+1.5 cm)


  1. Electrical cup warmer
  2. Operating area illumination with LED technology
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