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Designed by the famous Sottsass Associati studio, the NEW 105 Touch features four programmable coffee doses for every group, two programmable hot water doses with semi-automatic function, mixer regulating water temperature and DTC (Dual Temperature Control) system.

The NEW 105 Touch model features a latest generation control panel. The capacitive touch keypad is based on an innovative concept and features a personalised design, geared towards simple and immediate use. The LED technology back lighting guarantees attractive graphics, combining practicality of use and aesthetics to represent freedom of expression in terms of design.


The DTC (Dual Temperature Control) technology used in the electronic groups with volumetric pump is a thermosiphonic system with pre-infuser and dual heat exchanger, one inside the boiler with a larger diameter and one inside each group. This is a temperature control system particularly suited for coffee shops with high consumption rates and peaks. The DTC technology replaces each group’s temperature regulation system with a flow variator.


Capacitive touch technology allows the management of commands without moving parts, creating a multi-sensory environment and a new relationship with everyday life. The replacement of traditional components with other innovative touch screens allows the elimination of the mechanical and metal actuators of traditional keyboards, ensuring greater reliability, durability, and protection from mechanical problems. Intuitive and simple, customizable and programmable, to its practicality the touch keyboard combines the charm and the communication versatility of today's devices. The electronic principle behind the capacitive touch screen technology adopted in keyboards is based on the control of the variation of the electric field that acts on the screen in a similar way to the functioning of the latest generation smartphones and tablets.


The NEW 105 Touch is available with 3 different work surface heights (standard, intermediate and high). Disappearing trays in the high version allow use of the machine even with traditional espresso cups.

Versions: with 2 and 3 groups
  1. Internal water filling motor-pump
  2. LED water level indicator
  3. Touch screen control panel with 4 programmable coffee doses plus a start/stop button for each group and alphanumeric functions display
  4. One programmable water dose plus start/stop button
  5. Two manual steam wands with knob action
  6. Mixer for water temperature regulation
  7. Temperature regulation for each single group with flow variator
  8. Automatic wash cycle
  9. Smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces
  10. 3 possible work surface heights
  • Boiler temperature indicator
  • Accurate temperature regulation (+/-1°)
  • Dose programming (ml)
  • Single dose counter
  • Routine maintenance request message
  • Purification request message
  • Electronic pre-infusion programming
  • Automatic on/off programming (daily and weekly)
  1. Dual Temperature Control (DTC) system
  2. External water filling motor-pump
  3. Higher power heating elements
  4. Electric cup warmer with thermostat
  5. Work surface with LED technology lighting
  6. One automatic steam wand (Autosteam)
  7. Disappearing trays (high version only)
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